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Affection! Affection! Affection!

Let's get touchy-feely for a second, let's talk about emotions, feelings, and affection.
Yes let's bring all those "soft topics" that seem to be superficial, peripheral, and irrelevant in technical and business atmospheres.

What did it happen to the Product Manager/Designer behind this blog? Did he go through an emotional breakdown? Is he considering a career change towards soul counseling? Did he forget about his technical background based on hard sciences? Too much TV talk shows?
Not really, I am using exaggeration as vehicle to spark a somehow controversial discussion. When we talk about high-tech products we usually talk about electronics, software, engineering, business, and rational design; in such frame of thought, talking about emotional concerns seems too soft, too out of range, especially for my friends the engineers (which I happen to be one of them as well, or used to be, or I am still are, or... I don't know any more...).

So, Yes, let's talk …