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Privacy, Security, and Compliance Concerns in Cloud Computing

As you have been noticing there is a great deal of momentum around cloud computing, perhaps propelled by the massive marketing investment around it. Actually, many of us at this point may feel a little saturated by reading and hearing every day how "cloudy" each new product offering claims to be.

But at the same time I believe that we all get the point and we can see the real and undeniable advantages behind the cloud-way of doing things, from simple things like having all our music or photos everywhere all the time and playing them from each of our devices, to update my documents or data from my laptop or from my uncle's old PC without installing a single piece of software or moving a single file around, or to the most advanced cases like having an entire multi server development, testing, and runtime platform to host my enterprise applications without doing the administration of a single piece of software stack, networking, or servers.

On one extreme of the spectrum o…

Interview about Cloud, PaaS, NoSQL, OpenShift, and Node.JS

Thanks Gordon Haff for the interview about cloud trends, the PaaS market, OpenShift growth, JBoss relevance, the importance of Big Data or NoSQL, and the Node.JS momentum.

Here is the audio podcast and transcript