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Linux, Cloud, Open Source, Virtualiztion, PaaS, Java, BigData, Mobile, and more in a single event: Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2012

What is the only high-tech event in the industry that can concentrate, in a charming city like Boston, all the technologies and thought leaders that are driving software innovation today? The answer is Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2012 on June 27th to 29th, let me prove why...

This is not just another software vendor event, in which you only see the vendor's product stack from the angle that they want, as its name implies, Summit 2012 is a multi-perspective open event, in which the open source communities, an ecosystem of Red Hat partners, and independent parties get together in aparticipative event hosted by Red Hat to talk and share experiences as they drive forward the next fronteer in information technology and software development.

Let me prove you through the 7 points below why you get the best of the software industry in a single event, and show you how Red Hat is powering many more critical areas than you may think in today's tech world:

1) Linux is by far the most im…

(Spanish) Audio de Entrevista Sobre Nube (Cloud Computing) y PaaS

Muchos me dijeron que no es fácil encontrar este tipo de material sobre cloud computing y PaaS en español, por ello, se me ocurrió que podría ser de utilidad poder compartirlo.

Muchas gracias a Abraham Otero de @JavaHispano por producir este podcast y a Sebastián Scarano @Develsas por su participación.


Mp3 Audio:

(Spanish) ¿Por qué Java EE sigue liderando en términos de innovación?

Me encanta Node.JS, Ruby me parece excelente, Ceylon promete mucho, Scala está viviendo un gran momento, Zend Server es un gran paso adelante para PHP, Play! 2 está madurando muy bien (Inclusive dentro de PaaS) y como ellos muchos otros lenguajes, frameworks y plataformas están generando un admirable nivel de innovación en el campo de la informática, en especial en el ámbito del software empresarial.

Muchas de estas tecnologías ya tienen varios años de madurez pero son relativamente jóvenes comparadas con el punto de inicio de Java, que ya data de mucho más de una década. Paradogicamente, muchas de estas tecnologías están basadas en Java.
Para una tecnología nueva es muy fácil evolucionar rápido, en cierta forma está todo por hacer, pero es realmente remarcable alcanzar ese mísmo nivel de avance con tecnologías ya establecidas como Java, o en particualr Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) la cuál goza de un liderazgo indiscutido en el ámbito empresarial en lo que vá del milenio.

Si ponemos …

JavaScript is back! (Again) ...Again? This time: Node.JS

No! this is not 1999!
No, you are not living in the times in which Netscape lost its browser kingdom to Microsoft and developers discovered the magic of client-side web programming thanks to Brendan Erich's creation: an ECMA script dialect called JavaScript.

Netscape is no longer around trying to convince us that iPlanet is THE web server, and JavaScript is THE web application server-side language to rule the WWW.
No more Microsoft telling us that VBScript is the way to go for ASP, but just in case you didn't not like it they also offeredd JScript.

There is no more pushing by IBM promoting Lotus Domino (Today positioned as"enterprise social" platform) as a web programming environment, suggesting an "efficient?" programming language salad that used to mix: formul@ language, Java, JavaScript, a pseudo VB and VBScript as the ideal solution to code for the desktop, the documents, the intranet, the internet, and everything else that may come up in front of you.