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(Spanish) Newspaper Interview on OpenShift, PaaS, and Cloud

Pagina/12 is one of the main newspapers in Argentina, it has a great supplement called Cultura Digital which covers the latest trends in technology. Mariano Blejman (@Blejman) interviewed me to talk about cloud, with focus on Platform as a Service (PaaS) and how OpenShift from Red Hat redefines the platform as a service space with a pretty unique value proposition.

Dear Tech Entrepreneur! (startup or corporate): Embrace Cloud to Stay Competitive!

As entrepreneur (startup or corporate), you need to deal with so many things, to the point that it is easy to get overwhelmed and loose focus.

Many of those things that consume your attention are central to your project while others are critical but at the same time secondary compared to the core of your business.

Let's see how Cloud Computing can help on outsourcing the load of what is peripheral and how it can empower what is core to your idea, project, or business.

Go ahead and take advantage of the Internet Age:

One of the positive side effects of the current times is the pollution of digital services. You have at your disposal plenty of service providers which are happy to take those "secondary" concerns of yours and do them for you for a relatively modest fee. 
Some of these services range from addressing new concerns that were born in the digital age like email address validation and search engine optimization to the "webificated" versions of traditiona…