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Real Cloud or just Virtualization? or Hosting? or only a Web Application?

At this point, I am sure that you are as saturated as I am about hearing the term Cloud used in the wrong places. 
I often find myself explaining to customers that the software that those vendors want to sell them is not technically Cloud.
This post represents my attempt to get us all on the same page on what is true Cloud Computing and what is not; what is IaaS and what is isn't; what is real PaaS and what is fake PaaS; and what is SaaS and what is just a Web App. 
All my points below are absolutely debatable, and I am sure that many readers may disagree in some of the gray areas, but at least, this is how I (and many others in the Cloud space) understand this paradigm labeled as "Cloud".  

News Flash Technology Vendors: It is perfectly OK to have a software or hardware solution that has nothing to do with Cloud! 
You do not need to claim to have a Cloud solution in order to get legitimized. 
My advice to the traditional hardware or software vendors would be: stay tall, be pr…